First website blog, First time in Washington D.C.

March 18, 2017. 

As many seem to know I take several unexpected trips a year to different cities and states, more about that later. For now lets just say, the adventurous side of me cannot get enough of what this beautiful world has to offer.  2017 brought me to Maryland, where I immersed myself in the rich history of America, visiting The Capitol (may the odds be ever in your favor), The White House, the Jefferson Memorial, saw the Lincoln Memorial from a far (I'll be back to check that out soon) and several Smithsonian museums. Well, about 3 museums; They are so BIG! I got lost in the Air and Space museum for over 2 hours! But I'll be sure to check out the rest soon since I'll be in Maryland- D.C. area till early May. I'll be sharing and posting my photos and stories on here and Instagram (@jpaluzziphotography and personal account @jarredpaluzzi). Check back here within the next couple days, I have plenty of wedding, engagement and lifestyle shoots to share with you! If you have any secrets spots or places and restaurants you'd like to share please do! I love to explore. 

Have a wonderful day! Cheers.