Vegas got the best of us! The Hangover Part IV to be continued...

The title is 100% accurate, but it was worth every penny. You're welcome Nevada residents ;). Jason's bachelor party started on Thursday September 14th, at 2:45 a.m, after only an hour of sleep we packed our bags and headed to the airport to catch our 5 am flight. Worst flight ever... I slept for a good 35 minutes, thanks Jonny B for the pillow (until he decided he wanted it back). After a restless 5 hour flight, we made it to Las Vegas.  Our trip began as we headed to the Hoover Dam for some historical site seeing. Technically speaking I can now say I've been to Arizona because I could stand in both states at the same dam time (haha get it?). 

On the way back, before meeting up with Gramps, the gambling king, for In-n-Out Burgers, we played a little shotgun golf at Pro Gun Club in the middle of the desert.

By the way, anyone reading this it's only 2k! I repeat 2k! to blow up a car with a rocket launcher (The Chainsmokers did it!).

So who's in??? 

Without a doubt we made the best of our vacation and honestly it wasn't hard to do so. We enjoyed some delicious meals such as the Bellagio Buffet (we ate probably 10 times our body weight in crab legs), the Carnegie Deli, Tacos El Gordo (a must try!), and obviously In-n-Out a few times.  

As for the night life... What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, however lets just say black jack, slots, roulette, and most of all craps definitely got the best of us as we took on the Las Vegas Strip and the Old Las Vegas Strip (Fremont Street). 

Although the trip was coming to an end, we had one big day left. MARSHMELLO! That's right. My brother and I have been obsessing over Marshmello for months now, and the day before we were supposed to fly out, he got an email about our favorite EDM DJ performing on Sunday at the Encore Beach Club at the Wynn Hotel. What a way to enjoy your last day! However, I wasn't able to bring my camera into the pool party, but I did managed to get a few good iPhone photos (Which I edited below). 

Best Vegas trip so far and it's to be continued...