Runaway Country Fest Featuring Brett Young and Florida Georgia Line

Growing up my dad always had country music playing throughout the house. It was either Garth Brooks singing 'The Thunder Rolls,' Tim McGraw or just having K92.3 on at all times. I love all genres of music, although I grew up listening to my favorite bands such as Blink 182, My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco, there was something about country music I always enjoyed. It was the good vibes and the peaceful relaxation that this genre of music brought to me. Yesterday, was amazing, as I attended my first country music fest and captured photos of some great performances. I may not be the biggest country music listener, however after attending the Runaway Country Fest I definitely understand why country is one of the most popular genres today. 

On side note - My girlfriend loves Brett Young so she's super jealous that I saw him before she did. She had to work so I for sure would have taken her if she didn't have to work. :)